About AutoBlogging.org

The idea behind the AutoBlogging.org website was to create a convenient portal for:

  • Learning what automated blogging is and the benefits of autoblogging
  • Getting up-to-speed quickly on setting it all up (and skipping the frustrating parts)
  • Learning the proven strategies from an automated blogging insider

About Don

Don is a digital marketing strategist. He’s been providing online marketing services to local clients since 2005. He’s certified in several Internet marketing specialties.

Don was a beta tester for what is now the industry-leading automated content creation and publishing platform. He’s also a beta tester for the related tools for the automated blogging platform – including the latest AI-driven blogging platform. Don has dozens of automated blogs serving various niches and purposes.

Don’s a natural teacher and wants to help anyone with an interest in auto-blogging be able to learn about it fast, get started quickly & smartly, and enjoy the many benefits of it.

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