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Groove AI Review – The Ultimate Copywriting AI for Fast and Effective Content Creation

Listen to the Article in Copywriting revolutionizes the world of copywriting by harnessing the power of AI to create compelling and high-converting copy in a matter of seconds. With its deep learning capabilities, eliminates writer’s block and delivers world-class content that sells.

Create Various Types of Content

Whether you need to write blogs, articles, emails, press releases, website copy, funnel copy, landing pages, social media posts, advertising content, video scripts, freemiums, reports, or even books, allows you to create these types of content ten times faster. Say goodbye to spending hours agonizing over your copy and hello to fast and efficient content creation.

Image shows the different types of content that can be created with
Create numerous types of content with

Website Builder’s intuitive drag-and-drop website builder enables you to establish your brand’s online presence within minutes. This powerful tool automatically generates all the pages, copy, images, and title tags needed for your website and optimizes them for SEO. You no longer need to have web development or design experience, or even hire a copywriter to create a professional website for your brand.

Create Tasks with the Chatbot Assistant

Integrating with ChatGPT gives you access to a chatbot assistant that helps you create tasks on the go for any project you are working on. This seamless integration streamlines your workflow and allows you to generate content effortlessly, saving you valuable time and effort.

Landing Pages and Funnels’s intuitive drag-and-drop funnel builder empowers you to create landing pages and funnels in minutes. Similar to the website builder, this feature automatically generates all the necessary pages, copy, images, and title tags, ensuring optimization for SEO. You can even export the pages to GroovePages and Webflow for further editing and publishing.

Chrome Extension

With’s chrome extension, you can take the power of AI anywhere you can type. By simply using the Magic Prompt of ##// and entering your desired content, will generate the copy you need.

Image of the Chrome extension for’s new Chrome extension

Whether you’re crafting subject lines, writing marketing emails, working with Gmail, or creating blog content with GrooveBlog or WordPress, this extension enables you to write copy on the go. Furthermore, you can use it for product descriptions, website and funnel copy, bullets, and much more.

Tailored Content with Research Primers offers an exclusive feature called Research Primers, which allows you to provide comprehensive information about your business, ideas, topics, or projects. By sharing your needs, uploading text, providing website URLs, RSS feeds, YouTube URLs, or audio files, tailors its outputs to your specific requirements. This feature ensures that you can create unlimited compositions perfectly aligned with your needs.

Preset Writing Styles for Different Purposes

Another exclusive feature of is its Preset Prompt Engineering. With this capability, you can select pre-seasoned and par-baked prompts that encompass various writing styles, such as SEO, direct response, professional, educational, and more. These prompts enhance the conversion and SEO optimization of your content, setting apart from other AI platforms like ChatGPT.

Established Writing Styles for Blogging and Emails caters to bloggers, copywriters, and direct response copywriters by allowing them to write in the style of renowned industry experts. Whether you want to adopt the writing style of Seth Godin, Neil Patel, Gary Bencivenga, Clayton Makepeace, Dan Kennedy, or Frank Kern, enables you to seamlessly incorporate these styles into your blog posts or email campaigns. Additionally, you have the flexibility to blend different writing styles to create unique content that captivates your audience.

Train to Replicate Your Writing Style

If you prefer to write in your own voice, offers a unique feature that allows you to clone your writing style. By feeding the engine with your writing style, whether through blog URLs or text from a Word document, everything you write with will reflect your distinctive voice. This feature ensures that your content remains consistent with your personal brand or writing identity.

Image of mike filsaime pointing at the dashboard of
Train Groove/ai to write like YOU do.

Collaboration with Teams facilitates seamless collaboration among writers by providing a platform that enables team members to work together effortlessly. Whether you need to collaborate on a writing project or receive feedback on your work, streamlines the process, ensuring smooth teamwork and efficient completion of tasks.

Marketplace for AI Tools

If you ever require additional AI tools or workflows that are not available within’s platform, you can explore the marketplace. This marketplace allows users to extend the functionalities of by integrating powerful AI tools developed by others. Much like how Apple’s App Store enhances the capabilities of iPhones,’s marketplace expands the potential of its AI platform, catering to a wide range of user needs.

Integrate with Your Favorite Platforms seamlessly integrates with various platforms, including (formerly Integromat), Zapier, Pabbly, Integratley, and more. These integrations empower you to extend the capabilities of’s AI tasks and workflows to complement your existing tech stack. By integrating with these platforms, you can unlock new possibilities for your business and take it to new heights.

Image of the dashboard of
AI writing is a breeze using

Compatibility with Multiple AI APIs

Unlike other AI platforms limited to specific AI APIs, offers compatibility with multiple providers. While companies like solely rely on OpenAI’s AI API, is not bound to a single provider. In addition to OpenAI, integrates with, which supports MidJourney, Steamship, and Movio. This flexibility allows to offer a comprehensive and adaptable solution that caters to diverse user needs.

Wholesale Pricing for AI sets itself apart by not charging users directly for AI services. Instead, it allows users to connect their own free-to-get APIs from providers like Google, OpenAI, StabilityAI, and more. This means you only pay for the AI services you use, without incurring monthly charges for unused tokens. Moreover, offers the option to purchase discounted tokens directly from the platform, resulting in substantial cost savings compared to other leading AI companies. vs. ChatGPT

Although ChatGPT has its merits, it falls short in several key areas that excels in. ChatGPT requires expertise in prompt engineering to achieve optimal results, which can be challenging for users who lack such knowledge. Additionally, ChatGPT’s performance is slow and unreliable during peak times, restricting users with hourly and daily request limitations.

Furthermore, ChatGPT’s user interface lacks organization features, making it difficult to manage conversations, locate past work, or perform searches. Sharing work and exporting content are also cumbersome with ChatGPT, hampering effective collaboration. In contrast, provides a superior user experience, enabling seamless collaboration with teams and offering a range of powerful features.

Image of Mike Filsaime showcasing
Mike Filsaime launching

Wrapping It Up

In my mind, emerges as likely the ultimate copywriting AI, empowering users to create engaging, high-converting copy at an unprecedented pace. With its intuitive platform, extensive range of features, and reasonable pricing, revolutionizes the way copywriters and marketers create content, boosting their efficiency, productivity, and success. Check out here

FAQs for

How does ensure that the copy produced is unique and not plagiarized? utilizes advanced deep learning techniques to create original, high-converting copy. By understanding the nuances of your brand and goals, the AI tailors its outputs to your specific needs for truly unique content.

Can I build both my website and landing page funnels using the same tool?

Yes, offers an intuitive drag-and-drop tool that allows you to build brand websites and landing page funnels. The AI optimizes all components, including copy, images, and title tags for SEO. Moreover, you can export these pages to platforms like GroovePages and Webflow.

What is the primary function of the Chrome extension?

The Chrome extension allows you to extend the capabilities of wherever you type. By using the Magic Prompt, you can instantly get AI-generated copy for various needs like subject lines, marketing emails, blogs, product descriptions, and more. It’s like having on the go!

How can I ensure the AI’s writing matches my brand’s voice and style?

With the “Clone Your Writing Styles” feature, you can feed the engine your unique writing style through blog URLs or pasted text. This allows the AI to replicate your voice, ensuring all generated content aligns with your brand’s identity.

Can produce content in the style of renowned marketers and copywriters?

Absolutely! offers exclusive writing styles that emulate the voice of industry figures like Seth Godin, Neil Patel, Gary Bencivenga, and others. You can even blend styles for a unique voice.

Is collaboration with my team possible on the platform?

Yes, has features that allow you to collaborate with other writers and share your work, making joint projects and feedback processes seamless.

What kind of tools can I expect to find on the marketplace?’s marketplace offers a range of AI tools developed by various creators. Just like the AppStore, this marketplace allows AI developers to offer extensions that can either be free, priced, shared with specific communities, or used privately for businesses.

Will support integrations with other platforms to extend its functionalities?

Yes, is designed to integrate with platforms like, Zapier, Pabbly, Integratley, and more, allowing users to expand AI tasks and workflows significantly.

Is only reliant on OpenAI’s API for its functionalities?

While does utilize OpenAI’s API, it isn’t solely dependent on it. The platform is also set to integrate with other APIs, such as Google’s AI and, ensuring a broad range of features and a no-compromise solution.

How does’s pricing for AI functionalities differ from other platforms like

Unlike other platforms, offers wholesale pricing for AI. Users can directly connect their APIs with companies like Google and OpenAI without any markup. If you don’t use your API, tokens can be purchased directly from at discounted rates. This model ensures users only pay for what they use and can lead to significant savings compared to other AI platforms.

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