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Attention - The WarriorPlus AutoBlogging plugin by Rudy Rudra is no longer associated with this website, and the domain name is under new ownership. But fear not because we think there's something that's way better for all of your automated blogging needs.

Better Automated Blogging Software


The best autoblogging platform available - by far - are AiMasher and RSSMasher.

And it gets better. I was an original beta tester for RSSMasher, and I've been knee-deep in using RSSMasher daily for years. I was also the driving force behind getting new functionality built into RSSMasher for local marketers. You can take it to the bank when I say that I know the "ins & outs" of RSSMasher. I've made the mistakes; now you can discover the best practices.

When you buy RSSMasher via this link, you'll get my exclusive RSSMasher Cheat Sheet as a bonus. I've created this bonus from my personal experiences of using RSSMasher, and it's not available anywhere else. I'll likely remove this bonus when the first 50 spots have been taken. 35 have been taken so far.


I've also been a beta tester for AiMasher. When you buy AiMasher via my link, you'll get my exclusive AiMasher Cheat Sheet as a bonus. As with my bonus for RSSMasher, this AiMasher bonus is not available anywhere else. And I will likely pull it when the 50 spots have been taken.

AiMasher + RSSMasher is a Ridiculously Powerful Combination

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